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As a Podcast Producer specializing in creative direction, franchise development, script writing, and editorial programming, I have successfully expanded brand reach and created new growth opportunities for Wondery through strategic planning and market analysis. My unique prespective and scriptwriting skills have been pivotal in crafting engaging narratives, dialogues, and structuring episodes that resonate with our audience. During my time at Apple, working in editorial programming, I've curated topics and maintained high-quality content, ensuring alignment with Apple Podcasts mission and values. My multifaceted expertise in these areas has been essential for Wondery’s and Apple’s success and growth, demonstrating my ability to adapt and excel in a dynamic media environment.

Creative Direction / Producing - Wondery

Production Management - Wondery

Editorial Programming - Apple Podcasts

Livestream - Wondery

Script Writing

Whose Amazing Start? - The All Star

Whose Amazing Start? - The Rockstar-Rapper

Whose Amazing Start? - The Poet

Franchise Development - Merchandise